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MessaggioAdmin il Dom Mar 29, 2015 2:51 pm

Di recente è stata inviata una email ai fansite che testeranno Habbo per Android. In essa viene specificato che sono ancora presenti vari bug che devono ancora essere risolti.

Hey Testers! We really appreciate you taking the time to test our Habbo for Android before the upcoming launch.

We value your feedback and cant wait to hear what you think! To download the app and be able to play with it, please accept this
invitation and find the link to the Play Store in the "About this community" section.

Please know that this is still a BETA version. We have a few unsolved issues remaining which will be fixed prior to going live. First, there is no native Android back button. Second, there is a bug which prevents you from opening your inventory.

Please post any additional bugs or hiccups you find so that we can fix those too. Happy testing! - Habbo Staff

Come prima cosa abbiamo dovuto accettare la richiesta di adesione al gruppo "Habbo Android Fansites Beta". Eccolo:

Ecco il primo post presente nel gruppo dei Testers! In esso ci viene chiesto di pubblicare nel gruppo i nostri feedback e di segnalare eventuali bug riscontrati.

Hey Testers! We really appreciate you taking the time to test our Habbo for Android before the upcoming launch. We really value your feedback and cant wait to hear what you think! If you find something not working as expected, don't hesitate to report it to us, by posting it in the 'Habbo Android' Fansite Beta community. One of the currently known bugs is the 'Back' button in the Habbo for Android app doesn't work. We are working as quickly as we can to fix this. Thanks for your patience! If you have anything to report, please follow these easy steps: - Create a new post describing the bug you found and also the details of device you are using - Try to be more detailed as possible - If you can, try to post an screenshot of the bug We will check every one of the posts you create, and though unfortunately we won't be able to answer to all of them, we want you to know that we really value your feedback! Thanks again, Habbo! Happy testing! - Habbo Staff

Attualmente però molti si sono lamentali del fatto che l'applicazione non è ancora disponibile per alcuni paesi. Ecco la risposta dello Staff: "We apologize for the lack of availability in many countries. An updated has been submitted which should now allow you to download the app. This will take a few hours for Google Play store to update everywhere. " ha aderito alla versione di prova e appena ci sarà possibile pubblicheremo una recensione e segnaleremo eventuali bug.

Descrizione: Habbo for Android! Express yourself, build rooms and make friends in a popular role play virtual world! Explore and create awesome rooms in a vibrant retro-pixel-art style virtual world. Take the community wherever you go and role play in daily activities and competitions. Habbo is completely free to play. Includes optional in-app purchases.

Ecco il video da me realizzato in cui provo la beta per android:

<iframe width="480" height="360" src=";controls=0&amp;showinfo=0" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Cosa ne pensi? Commenta!!

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